Jamey Aebersold Volume 24; How to improvise

Just starting to improvise?

Still learning scales on your instrument?

Or maybe you want to improve your ability to improvise on the notes and chords from scales?

Jamey Aebersold Volume 24, Major and Minor is a good resource for you to learn how to play your Major scales and Minor Dorian modes, and improvise over them.

This book has play-along tracks for each scale featuring top-notch jazz musicians.

Each track contains 1-2 different chords, but the key feature is that just about every note of that corresponding scale will sound good.

Aebersold designed that by choice; his mantra is that everyone can improvise (which of course, is true!)

In fact, Jamey Aebersold has over 100 play-along books which are invaluable resources for learning improvisation.

But if you're not familiar with the best ways to approach using his books, you can easily get frustrated.

In this video lesson, I break down how to use Aebersold Volume 24, the first book in the series that beginner improvisers should start with, not Volume 1. 

Not Volume 1 to start with, you may ask?

Watch the Video Lesson below for my answer, as well as how to get the most benefit from using this book and CD.


How to Use Jamey Aebersold Volume 24


Want to know how to use Aebersold Volume 1?

Watch my free video lesson on this BLOG PAGE.

You can buy Aebersold Volume 24 by accessing my Amazon store HERE

You can buy Aebersold Volume 1 by accessing my Amazon store HERE

What questions do you have about using Aebersold Volume 24?

Post your question in the Comments below.

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  1. Thanks Donna
    Guitar & Keyboard, the latter just learning. I’ve had Abersold’s volumes 1, 24 as well as 21 (Getting Started) around for years and never could quite sink into the logic of his approach. Now, with your help I will begin over on piano w/ vol 24…(who’d a thought!?!). Also went to Barry’s jazz wkshps way back when he was on 8th Ave here in NYC. Came to you via a YouTube video on Chimichurra sauce so it was a lucky strike.
    My edition of vol 24 (1981) may be older but could’nt find the page you start out on…
    Thanks Ken

    • Thanks for your comment, Ken. Just look for the track numbers listed in the book. They don’t coincide with the actual track numbers on the Cd because of the Tuning track.

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