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Having difficulty with your brass players producing a quality, characteristic tone?

Wondering how you can help student musicians who are having difficulty playing their instrument with braces?

Want to help students prepare for solo recitals/auditions?


Are you having difficulty playing a passage on your instrument and you're not sure why?

Did you just get braces and now you can't get a sound out of your instrument?

Brass Players: Having difficulty playing high notes?


Want to know how to prepare your child for Solo Festivals/Recitals?

Want some tips to help your child practice more consistently?

Need guidance on purchasing an instrument?

Ask Me!

One of my specialties is coming up with solutions to playing issues, fixing embouchre problems, preparing for performances, and helping students become the best musician they can be!.

Fill out the form below, and please give specific details. I will do my best to help you out!

(Students and Parents please note, this is a general service and cannot take the place of having a teacher guide you at a lesson.)