How to Revive Dead Saxophone Reeds; the ultimate tip to make your saxophone reeds last longer

We all know how important a good quality reed is to having a great tone on the saxophone or any woodwind instrument. But when we experience dead saxophone reeds, it can be really upsetting, especially if it happens in the middle of a gig. I don’t know about you, but I start thinking, I’ll never […]

Want your Woodwind Reeds to last? Reedjuvinate them!

If you’re tired of your clarinet, saxophone, oboe or bassoon reeds dying out on you after only a couple of weeks, you need to listen to my recent interview with John Mackey from Reedjuvinate. Click here to listen to the episode. What is Reedjuvinate? Reedjuvinate is a reed storage system that is cleverly designed to […]

4 Ways to Test Your Saxophone Reeds

We all commiserate over our bad saxophone reeds. Sometimes, it feels like every reed we pull out is a bust; it’s either too hard to blow through or squeals like a pig. And then, when we finally find one, we cherish it like gold and hold onto it for dear life, playing it well beyond […]

How jaw problems can be the culprit behind poor tone…

Most musicians don’t realize how their jaw position can have such an effect on their tone quality, and how jaw problems can be the secret culprit behind problems with tone. I’ll never forget my first year of teaching, where I had some talented young musicians in the 4th and 5th grade… A young girl’s experience […]

Improving Saxophone Tone; Words of Wisdom from Jazz Saxophone Great, Tim Price

Is your Saxophone tone thin? Is your Sax Section not blending? In Part 2 of my interview with Tim Price, world-renowned saxophonist, we spoke about the importance of listening, getting a good saxophone tone, taking good care of your instrument, mouthpiece, reeds and case, lower lip position, how to keep your throat open, as well […]

World-Renowned Saxophonist, Tim Price: How to Teach Authentic Jazz Language

Struggling with jazz improvisation? I recently had the honor and pleasure of chatting with Tim Price, world-renowned saxophonist, about how to teach authentic jazz language. I had been reading Tim’s article’s in the Saxophone Journal for many years now, and had gotten to know him over the last 2 years while we met up at […]

Want to learn tunes quickly? Here’s how I learned 61 tunes in 8 days…

It’s funny….people tend to think that professional musicians can learn tunes quickly and call up any tune at a second’s notice and play it perfectly, without rehearsal. Look at the popular show, Nashville. (It’s actually one of my favorite shows.) Those musicians can effortlessly back up a singer and play the chord changes without having […]

50+ Lifechanging Apps Every Musician Needs

(This awesome article originally appeared here on the TakeLessons Blog.) Musicians, teachers, and students — listen up! Did you know you have a wealth of resources available to help you learn scales, improve your rhythm, check your pitch, and teach you new techniques? In fact, they’re all probably in your pocket or bag right now. […]

How to Avoid the End of the Honeymoon With Your Music Students

Losing interest in your instrument? Practicing not as much fun? Starting to realize that you need to practice more often, but just don’t feel motivated? Does the “Honeymoon feel over?”   The following post is by my friend, Ian Green, a successful teacher and musician in Toronto who is one of the co-founders of an […]

How to Motivate Students to Practice; apps & ideas to inspire the youngest musicians

What makes kids want to practice their instrument? Some kids want to play a really cool song they heard on the radio. Some kids need an outlet to express themselves. Some want to be hanging out with their friends, who also take instruments. Others may have found something they can relate to and identify with, […]

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