In celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month, here are 3 videos to jumpstart your Beginner Jazz Improvisation skills.

Beginner Jazz Improvisation; Where to begin

In this video from a recent Facebook Live session, I answered a great question on beginner jazz improvisation if you have no experience soloing. Honestly, these tips are for everyone who wants to improve their improvisation.

Some key points:

  1. Listen, listen, listen! And not passive listening, but active listening. Listen to the person's tone, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, choice of notes, how the notes sound with the chords in the rhythm section, how the solo reflects the time period for the tune, etc.
  2. Jazz is about being in the moment – quote from Herbie Hancock.
  3. We all improvise everyday when we have conversations with each other. You had to develop a vocabulary to do that; same in music.
  4. You can create a solo using only 3 pitches. (Watch the video for that demonstration!)
  5. If you know 1 major scale, you know 7 scales (really modes).
  6. You do need to know a little music theory.
  7. Don't just start on a Blues scale to improvise!
  8. Your tone is super important! (Find out more about my course, Killer Saxophone Tone HERE)



How to Use Blues and Pentatonic Scales in Jazz Improvisation

In the following video from a recent Facebook Live session, I answered questions about:

  • Getting away from just playing the notes in a Blues scales when improvising
  • How to construct a Blues scale, and how it's related to a minor Pentatonic scale
  • How to make Pentatonic scales sound interesting
  • How to construct a minor Pentatonic scale

How to play the Blues

In this video, I go over the process to approach the Blues. Hint…it's not just playing the Blues scales up and down.

A Final Note

It can be incredibly overwhelming trying to figure out the right steps to learn how to improvise.

And if you randomly search on the internet for the latest, greatest, coolest licks, you may get frustrated because they won't make sense to you nor will they “stick.”

But, if you know what your Improvisation Type or Stage is, you will have a clearer direction and focus, and will make faster progress.

Want to know your Improvisation Type?

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