Beginner Jazz Improvisation; How to use scales in your solos

In celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month, here are 3 videos to jumpstart your Beginner Jazz Improvisation skills. Beginner Jazz Improvisation; Where to begin In this video from a recent Facebook Live session, I answered a great question on beginner jazz improvisation if you have no experience soloing. Honestly, these tips are for everyone who wants to […]

Struggling with intonation on the clarinet? This new Rovner clarinet barrel will help improve your tone

As a Band Director, or even a private teacher, you often wonder why your beginner clarinetists have poor intonation. The standard solutions to fix the intonation problems are to firm up the embouchure and increase the reed strength. Some teachers recommend changing the clarinet barrel because they find the rental clarinet barrel is too long […]

How Ligatures Can Improve Your Saxophone Tone; my interview with George Reeder from Rovner Products

Many view the saxophone ligature (and clarinet ligature) as just something to keep the reed on the mouthpiece so it can vibrate to produce sound. As a result, you will often see beginner saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces with that standard metal ligature – you know, the one that is easily breakable and doesn’t always fit […]

Sore throat and chapped lips no more; Two new musicians’ products to solve those problems

Musicians have special concerns when dealing with their health. There are certain musicians’ products that are vital for optimal performance. I never leave home without these special musicians’ products. Why? Lip Eze You see, as a trumpet and saxophone player/teacher, I am always worried about getting chapped lips. Ever since I was 9, I would always […]

Not getting a good tone on your saxophone or clarinet? Here’s why it could be your reed…

When you first started playing saxophone or clarinet, did you ever feel like you could never get a good tone no matter what you tried? Did you try out every reed in the box, but still squeaked away? If you teach, were you stumped when your students could not produce a good tone even though […]

Do your clarinet and saxophone reeds squeak all the time? Tom Ridenour’s ATG System can help…

“Something about unbalanced reeds that get exaggerated in certain conditions…” There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to perform and you can’t stop your reed from squeaking no matter how much you soak it. If you live in a dry area, or even a high-altitude location, you may find that your clarinet or saxophone reeds squeak […]

Every clarinet and saxophone reed can work! Here’s how, with Tom Ridenour

In my latest radio show for the BAM Radio Network, I had the great privilege of speaking at length with Tom Ridenour. Tom is a world-class Clarinetist, Educator and inventor who has created a product that can truly help clarinet and saxophone musicians of all abilities perform better and more consistently.  I heard about Tom […]

Saxophone Reeds; How to choose and adjust them

When first starting out on the saxophone or any woodwind instrument, there are so many questions about saxophone reeds: Which brand of reed should I use? Which strength reed is best? Should I use cane or synthetic? How long does each one last? Why doesn’t every reed in the box work? Cane saxophone reeds vs. synthetic? For […]

Improve Your Jazz Vocabulary; an interview with Nick Mainella

If you are struggling for new ideas for improvisation and desperately need to improve your jazz vocabulary, you need to check out my latest radio show on the BAM Radio Network, with special guest, Nick Mainella, creator and host of the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast and the brand new Inside the Saxophone Mind podcast.  You can […]

Why Warmups Are Crucial for a Great Practice Session, an interview with Nick Mainella

How important are warmups up to you? How long do you spend warming up? What exercises do you warm up with? All these questions and more are answered in my latest radio show on the BAM Radio Network with my special guest, Nick Mainella, from the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson Podcast. You can listen to the […]

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