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3 More Tips for Fun Summer Practice

3 More Tips for Fun Summer Practice

My recent article on 3 Summer Practice Tips for Young Musicians got a huge response along with some really great ideas from fellow teachers throughout the country and even internationally. I wanted to showcase those ideas here, add a few more of my own and provide a...

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Not only did I just celebrate my birthday yesterday, but my website is 1 year old this week! I can't believe how far the site has come in this year, and I am also very grateful for all the support of my subscribers and readers. I am so glad that many...

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3 Summer practice tips for young musicians

(If you would rather listen to this article, Click here to listen to my show on the BAM Radio Network.) Summer's finally here. Warm weather, vacations, summer camps, long days in the pool or at the beach... Who wants to practice their instrument? For many Band and...

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Two Key Insights For Nailing That Audition

Two Key Insights For Nailing That Audition

Having judged Solo Festivals for almost 15 years, I have witnessed some spectacular performances, and some heart-wrenching breakdowns. How can there be such a vast difference between young performers? It's All About Your Attitude! "Attitude is a little thing that...

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What to Say to a Child With Stage Fright

“I’m so nervous. How do I not get nervous when I’m playing my solo?” How many times have we heard these words uttered to us as music teachers and also music parents? One of my Jazz Band students (Elementary) just uttered these exact words right before our portion of...

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Developing Student Leadership

I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Tim Lautzenheiser, teacher, author and motivational speaker for my radio show on the BAM Radio Network. Not only is he the nicest person to talk to, but he is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject of leadership and...

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Selmer Mark VI : Greatest Saxophone Ever Made

We are approaching the time of year where parents are thinking about purchasing instruments as graduation presents. Since this is an important investment into a young musician’s musical future, I wanted my friend Eugene Cantera, faculty member from the Dallas School...

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Planning to Visit Music Schools?

This timely guest post gives tips and questions to ask before and during college visits to music schools.  Being prepared and asking the right questions will help make your choice easier and a better fit for you. Planning to Visit Music Schools? by Barbra Weidlein,...

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Making Practice Fun!

In my previous posts, I talked about playing songs by ear and approaching long tones for beginners. In an earlier post, I explored the aspects of Setting up a Practice Plan by thinking about Why we need to practice, What practice is and How to do it. In this post, I...

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Killer Saxophone Tone Game Plan

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About Donna

Musician, educator, speaker and Everything Saxophone Podcast host, Donna Schwartz, has helped thousands of people of all ages, all over the world, boost their music performance and improvisation skills through private and small group coaching, and online courses for over 30 years.

She has created dozens of online courses, including Boost Your Blues Improvisation, Jazz Improvisation Explained, Supercharge Your Jazz Improvisation, Get a Killer Saxophone Tone and many others.

Donna has performed in the NY and Los Angeles metro areas with finalists from the NBC show, The Voice, members from Billy Joel, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, Barbara Morrison and many other artists.

Her tracks have been featured on a number of indie artists' CD's, and in Criss Angel's Believe show at The Luxor in Las Vegas. Read More…

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