Want to learn tunes quickly? Here’s how I learned 61 tunes in 8 days…

It’s funny….people tend to think that professional musicians can learn tunes quickly and call up any tune at a second’s notice and play it perfectly, without rehearsal. Look at the popular show, Nashville. (It’s actually one of my favorite shows.) Those musicians can effortlessly back up a singer and play the chord changes without having […]

50+ Lifechanging Apps Every Musician Needs

(This awesome article originally appeared here on the TakeLessons Blog.) Musicians, teachers, and students — listen up! Did you know you have a wealth of resources available to help you learn scales, improve your rhythm, check your pitch, and teach you new techniques? In fact, they’re all probably in your pocket or bag right now. […]

How to Avoid the End of the Honeymoon With Your Music Students

Losing interest in your instrument? Practicing not as much fun? Starting to realize that you need to practice more often, but just don’t feel motivated? Does the “Honeymoon feel over?”   The following post is by my friend, Ian Green, a successful teacher and musician in Toronto who is one of the co-founders of an […]

How to Motivate Students to Practice; apps & ideas to inspire the youngest musicians

What makes kids want to practice their instrument? Some kids want to play a really cool song they heard on the radio. Some kids need an outlet to express themselves. Some want to be hanging out with their friends, who also take instruments. Others may have found something they can relate to and identify with, […]

The Ultimate Practice Planner; Addressing the “What” of How to Practice

At some point in every musician’s life, we struggle with how to practice so we can perform better on stage, in front of our peers or family, or just for our own enjoyment. Living in the information age has great benefits, like instant access to whatever answers we need. Living in the information age also […]

Maximize music practice time using Rule of 10’s…

How many times have you heard someone say this: “You have to practice hours a day in order to begin to make some progress and sound good.” It makes sense, right? I mean, how can you possibly get any better if you only put in a few minutes every day? Here’s the thing – if […]

Marketing; Do Music Teachers Really Need It?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Heuer, of Kathleen Heuer.com, Marketing Music.Education, and Broken Chord Communications.com, for another episode for my radio show on the BAM Radio Network. We had such a great conversation last time about Common Core, but what you didn’t hear was all the other topics we were discussing. Being a […]

Buying a musical instrument? The most important question to ask…

Want to know the 5 things you must consider BEFORE buying a musical instrument? BONUS DOWNLOAD: DOWNLOAD this free pdf to find out the 5 things you MUST consider before buying an instrument.   Holidays are coming up and you want to surprise your musically-inclined child with a brand new instrument. Or maybe your rental is […]

Common Core; Good or Bad for Music Education?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathleen Heuer, of Kathleen Heuer.com, Marketing Music.Education, and Broken Chord Communications.com, for my radio show on the BAM Network. Kathleen is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant, has her own Podcast entitled,….., and is the Founder of the Norwin Area Arts Council. She was the former Communications and […]

7 Cool Ways to Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

Every April, we celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month. Not every school participates for various reasons: lack of a jazz program and/or lack of understanding of jazz being some. Even without a great understanding of Jazz, this can be a great learning opportunity for you and your students to enjoy and appreciate this great music. Here’s 7 […]

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