Breathing Exercises & Resources for Musicians

Breath support is vital for all brass and woodwind musicians.

In the following 2 video lessons, I share a few breathing exercises, and some resources to help build or maintain your breath support for playing saxophone, trumpet or any wind instrument.

Even if you do not play a wind instrument, these exercises are great to maintain your lung capacity, which starts to decrease steadily at age 30.

Breathing Exercises for Saxophone (and any wind instrument)

In this quick video, I share some exercises, along with a powerful tool to improve your breath support.


Song and Wind, by Arnold Jacobs

Powerbreathe Plus Medium

Powerbreathe Plus Light

Powerbreathe Plus Heavy

Powerbreathe Sports Performance Plus

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*I am NOT endorsed by Powerbreathe. I am recommending this product because it has worked for my students and myself.


Better Breath Support

Want to know what yoga practitioners and Navy Seals have in common?

Watch this video for this 1 simple breathing exercise.

Increasing breath support is important for playing longer phrases and adding all the dynamics and nuances to the music you perform.


Lungs; Move Well, Avoid Injury

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  1. James solomon says

    Hi Donna, my names is James Solomon I recently purchased my first Saxophone in the hopes of motivating me to learn to play. This is my life long dream to learn this amazing instrument. I grew up playing the tuba in the Salvation Army Band. I have not picked up an instrument in about 15 years. Now at the age if 62 I decided to fulfill my life long dream.
    I just completed my two years anniversary of both heart and kidney transplants. And believe that it time what ever help you can give will surely be appreciated.

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