This page contains links to the various CDs and other recordings that I have contributed to.

With Domino Grey (Back in the Black album)

Melody Diagnosis – single:



With Amber Ferrari

EP – Electric Blue, Released March 9, 2013:


Single – Not Just a Pretty Face, Released July 27, 2012:


With the Holy Spirit RC Church Folk Group

This is a CD produced in 2002 to benefit the church. I have been performing with these folks for about 30 years…


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About Donna

Musician, educator, speaker and Everything Saxophone Podcast host, Donna Schwartz, has helped thousands of people of all ages, all over the world, boost their music performance and improvisation skills through private and small group coaching, and online courses for over 30 years.

She has created dozens of online courses, including Boost Your Blues Improvisation, Jazz Improvisation Explained, Supercharge Your Jazz Improvisation, Get a Killer Saxophone Tone and many others.

Donna has performed in the NY and Los Angeles metro areas with finalists from the NBC show, The Voice, members from Billy Joel, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, Barbara Morrison and many other artists.

Her tracks have been featured on a number of indie artists' CD's, and in Criss Angel's Believe show at The Luxor in Las Vegas. Read More…