Many of my students who have taken my Boost Your Blues Improvisation course have gotten amazing results and eye-opening transformations.

Here's what they said:

Wendell M.

“This course turned out to be Goldilocks -not too basic and not too advanced for me. The exercises were well-thought out, and gave me plenty of opportunity to practice new things that I'd learned during the class. 

If you're looking for some new musical Blues ideas…tune into this course. Donna will lead you through some pretty good examples and exercises to do just that.

If you feel like you're in a rut, and your solos tend to be not musically interesting… they ramble, they repeat, they sound the same…definitely do this!”


Janet D.

The way she developed it from one stage to the next. It was well paced.

From hearing someone solo and thinking, “that's good”, to now knowing what they are doing, why they doing it, how they're doing it, all that's left for me to do know is to just do it!

Get off that fence and join – you won't regret it.”


Lisa B., after taking the Live version:

“Donna has a great deal of experience teaching improvisers of all levels. She has so much experience as an educator, and as a player. That's not a combination you get very often.”

Richard M: 

“The course was laid out so well. All the lessons built upon each other.

I came farther in this course than in the previous 18 months. This was really a game-changer for me.”

Warrick W. said this:

“The exercises Donna taught were deceptively simple, yet had profound benefits on your playing. And I've already applied many of the practice techniques that were learned in the course to other Jazz standards I am working on. This isn't stuff you only use on a Blues solo.”

Bob C. said this:

In all the years I have been playing saxophone, I have NEVER EVER been able to improvise.

I was always afraid of making a mistake. I always relied on written music.

I played in a small soul band & always had to read the music, while the guitar and bass player didn't.

I didn't have the confidence to do the solo.

Donna was able to present the material in away that was simplified enough to make it easier to learn & integrate into your playing.

And because of this I started thinking, Maybe I can do this, and I could!”



This is what Wendy L. said:

“My name is Wendy Kristen Leber.  I'm currently living in Seattle, WA (moved from Houston, TX, in 1998).  I'm an ICU RN that decided to get back into playing music again, because I've found music to be a healthy emotional outlet from work. 

Wendy L performing on stage

I spent 7 years as a kid learning to play classical music on the alto saxophone.  Since we never established a jazz band in high school, I lost interest & quit.  After 25 years, I decided to pick up the sax again. 

For the past 4+ years, I've spent some of my time trying to find direction & guidance through private lessons & online courses. 

I've focused on learning jazz & blues fundamentals, as well as occasionally participating in local improv funk jams.  I'm currently playing in 3 different bands —  a HonkFest/Street band (on alto sax), a Swing Big band (on alto sax), & an Indie Rock band (on tenor sax, as a new keyboardist, & backing vocalist).

Two concerns caused me to hesitate with this course.  Did I actually have the time to participate?  Was this course really going to help me make notable improvements to my improv solo efforts?

Donna's step by step process for learning how to play over chord changes, how to construct professional sounding improv solos, how to learn licks by ear, how to accompany during a blues jam, as well as many other concepts were easy to follow. 

This class is definitely worth every penny. 

Donna gives focused guidance on how to create professional sounding improv solos over blues music.  It's not about just memorizing licks — previously, I had minimal to no success with just learning licks, & eventually, I became really bored with the solos I played.  Though improvisation takes time to master, I found that by the end of her course, I was able to immediately apply a number of the concepts covered to my soloing efforts.  Furthermore, her feedback was incredibly valuable!  No matter where you are in your journey with learning to improvise, this course will help make measurable improvements to your musicianship.

Donna, thank you so much for all of the time & effort you've dedicated to helping folks in this course!  I very much appreciate your desire to provide constructive feedback, as well as your efforts to improve this course for future students.  I wish you continued success in all of your musical pursuits!”

Here's Wendy's playing after the course:

Wendy playing the Blues


Steven S.


“I enjoyed this course. I had taken other Blues and Improv courses. Donna is very conscientious and methodical.”


Here's What Kent W. said:

“Thanks greatly for the wonderful class, which has meant so much to me and has provided such exciting possibilities for future practice and performance.

I've gone from knowing literally nothing about blues improvisation to an understanding (if not yet the ability to play acceptably) the concepts in our course.

Please be very proud of the gift you have, and share, for teaching.”



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