dlp 1 Series for Saxophone


The folks  at the Dallas School of Music and dlp Music Books are excited to announce a new program for saxophonists of all levels. “It’s an extension of our popular 1 Series for Reading Music and Jazz Improv” says Eugene Cantera of DSM, “A daily dose of saxophone yummy-ness that will hopefully intrigue and inspire you to get a little more sax in your life!”. 😉


There are currently over 18,000 members that subscribe to dlp blogs, the Kore and Jazz Books, and the 1 Series of emails. The DSM team is now turning their attention to instrument specific groups and have decided to begin with saxophone. “We know there are some great websites out there like Donna’s! that have passionate teachers doing some fantastic work. We’d like to feature students, teachers, and enthusiasts alike and create a collaborative atmosphere where everyone can jump in as time allows. We’ll contribute some personal anecdotes and original dlp musiced content and then encourage folks to comment and share their thoughts, ideas, teaching and learning experiences… successes… and struggles as well”.


The new program begins in August and it’s free to join. “We will begin by covering some basic concepts for the newbies but there will be something of interest for saxophonists of all levels right from the outset” says Cantera. “We’re really hoping to engage teachers and students and to create a sense that we’re all on this journey together.”


Each post in the 1 Series will be archived so that members can access any issue at any time. “By years' end, there should be quite a collection of useful saxophone material and info to keep everyone busy for a long time.  We will also have a few giveaways from some of our promo partners so be sure to read those emails each day!”


Along with the daily 1 Series emails dlp is launching dlpsaxophone.com which will provide monthly concepts, exercises, quizzes, student and teacher spotlights and more – all for free.


Action Steps:

  1. The dlp 1 Series for Saxophone begins on August 5thclick here to join now!
  2. The Dallas School of Music wants to put a free music book in the hands of every person who wishes to discover, learn and play music. Click here for more info.
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