Donna Recommends; Product Reviews

Over the years, I have been reviewing and recommending a number of products that I either normally use, or trust enough to recommend to others.

Here's my list!

**Please note: Some of these links are Affiliate links, so I do get a very nominal commission if you purchase from my link

Many of these items can be found on Amazon – here's my Amazon Store link.

My Gear (and products I've reviewed):


10mFan Mouthpieces – I use the Chameleon 7* on Tenor, and have used the Black Widow in the past. Many of my videos in the past few years feature these mouthpieces.

I've reviewed the Rovner Avatar for tenor sax. You can see that review HERE.

JodyJazz DV7 Alto Sax mouthpiece – I've been using this mouthpiece for a long time – pretty much when it first came out.

I have also been testing the 10mFan Supernova alto sax mouthpiece, and the Rovner Aviva and Rovner Avatar.


Rovner Products ligatures (I've used Platinum Gold, Van Gogh, Star) – a number of these are in my Amazon store 

In this video, I review the Platinum Gold, Platinum, and the Van Gogh:



Legere Reeds – I use Signature Series and American Cut (2.25's and 2.5's)


Trevor James Saxophones – Signature Custom Raw Tenor Saxophone


Rulon Thumb Rest. I did a Review HERE

Travel Sax 2 – I did a Review HERE

Peak Music Stands

They have sax stands, E-device Holder and Anfree Swabs – Get 10% off by using the code DSMUSIC upon checkout at Peak Music Stands www.peakmusicstands.com

Review Videos

PEAK Music Stands & Anfree Swabs:


E-Mobile Device Holder:


Neck Straps


Vandoren FNH 100 (Universal Harness) – I think this is the best sax harness on the market, followed next by the JazzLab SaxHolder Pro Harness. (Both are also listed in my Amazon store)



Music Supplies:

I have an Amazon Store with many of the supplies I use, such as Rovner ligatures, KeyLeaves products – Vent Vine, Spit Sponge, Gap Cap and KeyLeaves, method books for Trumpet and Saxophones.

You can access my Amazon Store HERE.

KeyLeaves Review:

Gap Cap Review:

Spit Sponge Review:


BiNak Pro Valve Oil for Brass – one bottle can last you years, even if you do play every single day!

You can get this oil from Hickey's Music Store, a reputable vendor for many Brass supplies and sheet music

My Review:


Music Books – Online pdf's:

Two Books to Keep Your Skills Up

50 Perpetual Motion Exercises by Nick Mainella- for all advanced musicians on all treble clef instruments, this book helps you build on your voice-leading skills to connect ii-V's, V7's, minor ii-V's and more combinations.

Review of this pdf book:

Comprehensive Warm-ups for Saxophone by Nick Mainella- for intermediate-level saxophonists to build their technique and provide new ideas for warming up.

Review of this pdf book:

For advanced musicians who can read well:

The Chromatic Way by Nick Mainella- for advanced readers and those wanted to add more chromaticism into their improvisation.

Review of this pdf book:


101 Soulful Funk Licks, by Katja Rieckermann. I interviewed Katja on my podcast, and I reviewed this great pdf book here:


For learning piano:

The Practical Jazz Piano System; Play Jazz Voicings Like a Pro With Zero Experience by Nick Mainella –  this is an Online Course that will help you brush up on your piano skills.



AMT Quantum Mini 7 Wireless MicApplied Microphone Technologies -I have been using their brand for over 10 years – starting with the Wi5. They now have 1 system to fit all saxes

Tonal Energy app – tuner and a metronome that is very versatile. As of 2022, cost is $4

iStrobosoft Tuner app – I've been using this since 2011. It does not generate sound like Tonal Energy app

iRealPro – a backing tracks app with chord changes ONLY. You have to download the changes from their Forum after you purchase the app. Keep in mind, there are 2 separate prices for desktop and mobile devices.

LipEze and VocalEze products: can be found on Amazon or at www.lipeze.com and www.vocaleze.com  (I use VocalEze for sore throats and during my Everything Saxophone Podcast for long interviews)

LipEze Review:


Backing Tracks/Play a Longs

TomPlay – a bunch of my students use the TomPlay app to play along with backing tracks. You can get 30% off the annual fee by following these directions:

  • Click on the following link: https://tomplay.com/premium/details/free-trial?ref=donnaschwartz1
  • Create your account or login to your account if you already have one.
  • Enter the promo code DONNA30 and fill out the rest of the form with your information.
  • You have now unlimited free access to the whole Tomplay catalog for 14 days and can enjoy a 30% discount on the yearly subscription after the trial ends.
  • Your free trial can also be used in our IOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (tablet and smartphone) apps.
  • Simply login in the apps to your Tomplay account and you will have automatically access.


My Review of TomPlay:

My Everything Saxophone Podcast interview with Julia Sprossmann of TomPlay, where we did a very in-depth look at all the features of the app.


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