In this article and accompanying video, I am reviewing the EMEO Digital Practice Saxophone by EMEO Music, along with providing a quick tutorial on how to use it.

The EMEO is an electronic wind instrument (EWI) that does not make sound on its own. Software is needed in order to make sound through the EMEO.

Your purchase of the EMEO comes bundled with over 60 Free Sounds from Respiro Instruments (made by ImoxPlus). You do NOT need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to use the EMEO.

This digital practice saxophone is unique in that it has the most similar ergonomic feel to a regular saxophone, which helps the player get a more accurate fingering feel when practicing music.

The ergonomic feel is a cross between an alto and soprano saxophone.

It weighs 1.7 kilos, roughly 3.75 lbs.

The EMEO comes with:

  • a carrying case
  • Flexi mouthpiece 
  • Curved and straight necks
  • extra O-rings
  • USB data cable
  • screwdriver (for Hard Reset only)
  • Neck strap
  • Cleaning cloth

In the following video, you will see the features of the EMEO, and you can hear a number of the Respiro sounds that come bundled.

Here's the Video:


00:00 EMEO Demo

00:33 EMEO at the NAMM Show

01:36 What is the EMEO?

02:12 Do you need a DAW to use it?

02:49 The weight of the EMEO

03:08 The EMEO and neck straps

03:25 Ergonomics of the EMEO

03:57 What comes with the EMEO

05:03 Best practice for attaching the mouthpiece and neck

06:09 If you want more than the 60 Respiro sounds

06:20 How to get started – Command Mode

07:33 One way to turn the EMEO on

07:55 Bluetooth and EMEO

08:23 How to shut the EMEO off

08:41 Another way to turn the EMEO on

09:25 Installing the Respiro app

10:50 How to change keys, octaves etc, using the website

13:40 Tweaking settings on the EMEO using the Command setting

15:44 How to change octaves on the EMEO

17:15 How to play Low A

17:54 Can you play Altissimo on the EMEO?

18:20 The Respiro App -showing the sounds

24:00 Using a DAW – Logic Pro Demo

27:15 Who is the EMEO for?

28:33 What if you need repairs?

29:05 Difference between EMEO and other EWI’s, like the Travel Sax 2

31:09 Donna’s Discount Code


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  1. EMEO Music: www.emeomusic.com
  2. All the info you need: https://www.emeomusic.com/specs-manual 
  3. Contacting EMEO music: info@emeomusic.com or https://www.emeomusic.com/contact 
  4. Once you get your EMEO, and have downloaded the Respiro App: https://connect.emeomusic.com/
  5. ImoxPlus Respiro Sounds come bundled (60 sounds). Pro version has 250 sounds – extra charge: https://www.imoxplus.com/site/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5fetBhC9ARIsAP1UMgH44xAuo0TA0daVtdd_z77_yKFThDd8j_sI8qWOD9vDe4JXnPioFL8aAhNfEALw_wcB
  6. You can play altissimo – they provide a helpful fingering chart: https://www.emeomusic.com/_files/ugd/414691_13f80f4a85ab441f81dcc02b0de42af4.pdf 
  7. Respiro manual – adding to a DAW: https://www.imoxplus.com/site/index.php/support/respiro-pdf-manual 
  8. EMEO at NAMM Show 2024: https://saxophonepodcast.com/emeo-digital-practice-saxophone-podcast-episode-214/
  9. Carly Stock Everything Saxophone Podcast interview and jamming on the EMEO at the NAMM Show 2024: https://saxophonepodcast.com/carly-stock-podcast-ep-185/
  10. EMEO at the NAMM Show 2023: https://saxophonepodcast.com/emeo-digital-practice-saxophone-podcast-live-at-the-namm-show-2023-a-new-patented-design-to-make-practicing-fun-ep-174/
  11. Travel Sax 2 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4B3rU4ixnM&t=9s


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