This past week, I ran a 5-day music practice challenge with daily tips to get you inspired, excited and motivated to practice your instrument more.

Each day was a different tip and a different topic.

And I did something I had never done before….

I made each video under 2 minutes!

This way, you could get a quick boost and start practicing right away.

Music Practice Tip #1

Of the 5 music practice tips, this quick exercise should be done every day.

Music Practice Tip #2

Every one needs to practice long tones, but this tip is a variation that you can add to your practice routine.


Music Practice Tip #3

This next tip is really for all instrumentalists who play jazz. Every single person I interviewed for the Everything Saxophone Podcast does this every week…

Music Practice Tip #4

This one simple tip will make your “wrong” notes sound right when improvising jazz.


Music Practice Tip #5

Of all the 5 music practice tips, this last one uses a concept that will help focus and inspire you when practicing.


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