Five Music Practice Tips that Will Motivate You to Practice

This past week, I ran a 5-day music practice challenge with daily tips to get you inspired, excited and motivated to practice your instrument more.

Each day was a different tip and a different topic.

And I did something I had never done before….

I made each video under 2 minutes!

This way, you could get a quick boost and start practicing right away.

Music Practice Tip #1

Of the 5 music practice tips, this quick exercise should be done every day.

Music Practice Tip #2

Every one needs to practice long tones, but this tip is a variation that you can add to your practice routine.


Music Practice Tip #3

This next tip is really for all instrumentalists who play jazz. Every single person I interviewed for the Everything Saxophone Podcast does this every week…

Music Practice Tip #4

This one simple tip will make your “wrong” notes sound right when improvising jazz.


Music Practice Tip #5

Of all the 5 music practice tips, this last one uses a concept that will help focus and inspire you when practicing.


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  1. Timothy Griffin says

    Great Practice Tips. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation.

  2. Tara Sayers says

    Merry Meet,
    Some great tips for sure, , , , , i find doing deep breathing excersices extremely beneficial, , , , , i usually start doing them about 4 – 6 hours before playing, , , , , ,
    When warming up , , , i tune up, , , then go through the notes chromatically , , , ,, not only does this allow me to work on tonal quality, , , it ensures there are no sticking keys, , , , which are not usually a problem anyway, , , ,
    I play in a comunity orchestra, , , , this has been amazing at developing skills and dynamics, , , this has given me skills that i would not have otherwise, , , , , i also play in a jazz group and we do quite a lot of improvisation , , , another area that has grown skills, , , ,and i play in an Alternative group, , , ,this encourages me to think outside of the square, , , ,and some interesting things happen, , ,
    I also find improvising to the local jazz radio station useful, , ,, , you don’t know what the next song is or the key that it is in, , , , ,so you need to work that out pretty quick, , , ,, , very useful if you are doing a jam or open mic somewhere, ,
    I do believe in practicing/playing about 5 days out of 7, , , having one day off at least, , , , this keeps the enthusiasm happening, , , , ,
    Love the videos and the useful tips, , , , keep them coming, , , , ,they are great

  3. Hi. Re the classical music. I bought a tenor in 1963 aged 18 – by chance a MkVI. On my first lesson with a top semi-pro player he gave me the Otto Langey sax tutor. Bit strange, I had only listened to Rock and Surf sax. But I really liked it – full of classical and military music. Certainly gets technique up and running – especially the duets. Also told me to buy a Stan Getz (never heard of him) LP. Went to him for six months then he passed me on to his old teacher – one of the best in the UK – for two years.
    Moral: Get the best teacher available, maybe one lesson instead of two to afford it. When you are ready they will pass you on to a rehearsal band or such.
    PS: Your tips are all worthwhile – students take note!

  4. neil stubbs says

    Donna, this question I have is not exactly on topic with regard to the video, but I would really like to know; how does someone like you who plays both sax and trumpet even manage to do that when the embouchure on a trumpet or other brass family instrument is so different than saxophones. I’ve been playing sax for almost 30 years (not exactly a pro player, but do some good oldies stuff in the duo with my wife). I own a trumpet but have no endurance whatsoever and I’m lucky if my embouchure lasts even 20 minutes on a trumpet. I’ve pretty well given up on trumpet now and concentrate on sax because that’s where I’ve invested most of my time, along with accordion, keyboards and piano.

    • Hi Neil,
      Like with one instrument, it is just a matter of practicing.
      When I taught in public schools, I would need to go back and forth, so the act of doing that over time helped me adjust.

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