Canzonetta and Giga

This piece is part of the Concert and Contest Collection by Rubank.

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 Canzonetta and Giga – Performance Notes

  1. This piece is in our Dm (Concert Fm) and is in cut time, so the half note gets the big beat.
  2. The final tempo should be around half note = 84-88.
  3. Breath support is crucial; you need to play full phrases in 1 breath.
    1. Remember to Fill Up – take a deep, relaxed breath and feel your stomach and back expand.
  4. Intonation – when you first practice the piece, use a tuner and check the high D's and C#. They tend to be very sharp.
    1. Quick fix for tuning the high D and C#: finger those notes as you normally would, but add all 3 fingers of your right hand. This will get it closer in tune.
  5. Always finger first, then do air sounds and finger, then play. This is especially important for the last line on page 1, and the Giga.
  6. Alternate fingering for C: Finger B (1st finger) and add middle side key. You don't want to hold out a C with this fingering because it's not as in tune, but it's great for the fast parts of the Giga.
  7. Follow all dynamic and phrasing markings. Don't play a piece and sound like you are talking in a monotone – you will put the audience to sleep.

Canzonetta and Giga – Video Lesson




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  2. Click on this link to purchase the solo on Amazon.com.

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