Andante and Allegro – Clerisse

This Trumpet solo can be found in the Concert and Contest Collection by Rubank, edited by Voxman. You can purchase a copy using the link below.

I would strongly urge you to purchase Smartmusic software so you can hear the right notes and rhythms, slow down or speed up the tempo, and have background accompaniment to play along with. The software follows your tempo (as long as you also purchase the microphone) too.

Smartmusic also lists a brief Biography of the composer, Robert Clerisse, and a brief description of the piece. The more you know about a piece, the better you can perform it.

How to Play Andante and Allegro by Robert Clerisse

  1. This piece requires a good amount of breath support and endurance. Be sure to take deep, relaxed breaths.
  2. It is really important for you to follow the breath marks, dynamics, crescendos and markings. This is an expressive piece – you don't want to play it at one level, like someone speaking in a monotone.
  3. The initial Tempo marking is Quarter = 58. Do air sounds and finger 8 bars at a time until you are comfortable with the fingerings and have figured out the best places for you to breathe.
  4. For an extra challenge, when you have performed the piece at 58bpm comfortably, lower the metronome a few notches. It will be more challenging for your breath support and endurance, but will make the initial tempo of 58bpm seem easy.
  5. For the fermatas, the rule is to double the note values.
  6. The second part (Allegro) is in cut time at half note = 80bpm.
  7. Initially, finger, then do air sounds at quarter = 80bpm (twice as slow). When you are comfortable with the fingerings, then play the passage. (Never play a passage without fingering it first. It will be harder to correct the mistakes.)
  8. Don't cut the notes too short in the Allegro section. Just a little separation is what is needed. There is only one spot where they are indicated as staccato, which means separated.
  9. End strong – the peak of the piece is the G above the staff on the last line. Have plenty of breath support to sound powerful here.

Here's the Video Performance



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  2. Click on this link to purchase the solo on Amazon.com.

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