Honor and Arms Trumpet Solo

Key Performance Points for Honor and Arms Trumpet Solo

Honor and Arms Trumpet Solo is a favorite choice amongst band directors for their intermediate level trumpeters. Even though Honor and Arms does not have an extensive range, the biggest challenge is ENDURANCE. It is important to approach this piece strategically so that you will enjoy performing it and not be exhausted by the end.

You can download a pdf of the Performance Points here and below the video.

Big Mistakes to Avoid for Honor And Arms

  1. Don't assume that you do not have to play the D.S.! That is up to the adjudicator, not you or your teacher.
  2. Those long “slur” marks are really Phrase marks. The notes in those long curved lines should be articulated. (Be sure to notate that these are Phrase marks in your part and in the Piano accompaniment, as many people, including adjudicators, are confused by this. Have your teacher initial the notation in the accompaniment so the adjudicator can see it.

Here's a free Video Lesson and Performance

Honor and Arms Video Lesson

Donna demonstrates the Key Performance Points of Honor and Arms.


 Here's the Key Performance Points pdf.