Mozart Sonatina Trumpet Solo

The Mozart Sonatina Trumpet Solo (arranged by Jay Ernst) is an Intermediate Level piece. For example, in the NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Manual, it is currently listed as a Level 4.

The reasons why this is an Intermediate Level piece are:

  • there are 3 movements (in the NYSSMA Manual, it states that you need to prepare 2 contrasting movements)
  • each movement has a different tempo “challenge”: the 1st movement is in cut-time, where the half note gets the big beat; the 2nd mov't has the 8th note getting the big beat; and the 3rd mov't is in triple meter, but you can feel it in 1 beat per measure if you set the metronome to dotted quarter = 44 beats per minute
  • if you perform the piece with all the repeats, it is an endurance challenge
  • the counting the rests properly is important for each movement

Check out my pdf below for Key Performance Points, and Good Luck with your performance!


Thank you for this. I have a NYSSMA on the Mozart sonatina in two days and this really helped me when I am reviewing my music. All the other examples I tried to find on the internet were not as good.
Jay Chiu

Mozart Sonatina Trumpet Solo



Here's the pdf: Click here.

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