When it comes to Funk saxophone licks, one of the best ways to fast-track your improvisation is to learn licks from others.

And when it comes to Funk music, it's vital to listen deeply, because the articulation and rhythms are very intricate.

That's why the best way to learn them is by figuring them out by ear because sheet music can't capture all the nuances that the artist is performing.

In this series on Funk Saxophone Licks, I have created 2 video lessons featuring some great vocabulary for you to learn, figure out in many keys, and create your own variations  for your own solos.

Check out these two funk saxophone licks that Candy Dulfer performed over the Average White Band song,  Pick Up the Pieces, at one of her live shows in 2012. (The original performance video is listed below.)

There are so many more great licks in this particular performance. I would encourage you to try to transcribe as much as possible.


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Original Video of her Performance: