What's in my gig bag?

That was a question asked by one of my super-fans recently.

I've been on gigs where I have forgotten something essential, and it can create extra worry and unnecessary stress.

In this video lesson, I cover the “gig bag essentials” that saxophone players need to bring to gigs.

Some of the items I mention are specific to certain circumstances, but there are certain things you must always have on you.



Neck strap Review

Spit Sponge Review

Gap Cap Review

Alta Reed Review

BAM Hightech Review

PEAKMusicStands – Combo Pack of sax stand, neck & body swab – add DSMUSIC code for an extra discount

ReedJuvinate Review


Gear I normally use:

Legere Signature 2.5 reeds

Rovner Van Gogh ligature

10mFan Black Widow 7* Tenor Sax mouthpiece

JodyJazz DV7 Alto Sax mouthpiece

Trevor James Custom Raw Tenor Saxophone

PEAKMusicStands – sax stands, portable stand and boom mic stand (SM52)

Anfree Swabs AMT Quantum 7 Mini Wireless mic

BAM Hightech tenor sax case

ProTec Contoured tenor sax case

Key Leaves products

VocalEze and LipEze products


So that you can be super-prepared for your next show, I created a list of “gig bag essentials” so that you have everything you need to ensure that you have a successful gig.

Here's a FREE SPREADSHEET you can download and print out to keep as a checklist for your gigs.

If you want to adjust it for your own use:

  • Click on File in the Google Drive Menu (not your browser menu)
  • Make a Copy 
  • Rename