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Everyone wants to sound great on their instrument…whether it's to impress friends, loved ones or just yourself, a great tone can do wonders for your confidence and performance.

Hear how these folks lives have changed after studying the concepts and exercises from my Get a Killer Saxophone Tone course…

Donna's course has a step-by-step approach that takes you somewhere. You're not in a car without a  map. Donna has a map, and she gets me to that place where I want to be funky, and that's where I am going.                                      




I have taken many saxophone lessons from Ms. Schwartz and couldn't be happier. She is incredibly patient and knowledgeable, and helps in every aspect that she can, from fine points about technique to equipment choices. Having played for several years, I was becoming aware of the limits my bad habits were causing, and after explaining my situation to her and demonstrating my issues, she's put me on a course that's showing real results–my only regret is that she was not my first teacher!

Better late than never, as they say, and I am just glad I found her now, without struggling even further.

Highly recommend!

Leo Gilbert


Previously I was on the hunt for the “holy grail” for the right mouthpiece and everything. I used to complete in tennis years ago. It's never the racket; a good tennis player can beat you with a frying pan! 

(After working with Donna for less than a month) Now, my tone is getting bigger; my tone is getting fuller. I really am happy with it and am really seeing results.

Richard Falanga

Former students in the course have this to say:

Although I thought I would be practicing long tone and related exercises for months, it only took a few weeks to go from an unpleasant harmonica-like sound having even more unpleasant high and low register sounds to playing with a respectable sonorous room-filling tone that’s good enough to commence work on my repertoire. The difference has been so dramatic that I could hardly believe the sound of the recordings. I sound like what I think an alto should sound like. It’s not great, but it’s certainly good enough for now. The experience not only solved my immediate problem, but gave me a lot of confidence.

Thank you, Donna, for helping me develop an attitude and a perspective that has accelerated my progress, and for presenting examples that I could relate to and use. You’ve got a great gift for teaching, and I appreciate that gift very much.

Rudy Smith


I've been playing saxophone for 8 years, the last 3 years in a community band. I was starting to feel that my tone wasn't as full as I wanted it to be. I had been following Donna on Youtube for some time and saw that she was offering her course on getting a fuller sound and I decided to join. 

The course has given me many things to work with in my playing..I feel my tone is much fuller today, and I am definitely more in control of the sound that I produce. I know what to do to make my tone better.

         Eva Angelhud-Lundt

I'm an amateur saxophone player and I focus primarily on big band jazz, and I play Baritone in 2 local big bands. I also play alto and tenor.

I heard of Donna's course through the internet and noticed she was a professional from NY. I had a friend there who's a professional musician and asked if he knew her.  He did and strongly recommended her as a good teacher, so I signed up for the course.

I was hoping for a more full, warmer, round sound throughout the range of the horn, and I was also hoping to improve my tuning. I think both have improved; I've gotten comments form my band director here that my sound is warmer and more full and is cutting through more on the Baritone parts in the band, as well as he said my tuning has improved also.

John Stephenson



The mouthpiece exercises uncovered hidden fundamental deficiencies. Both the high end and low end range on the saxophone has improved considerably in the richness of sound. The course eliminated high notes occasionally “blocking.”

Most courses on the Internet, and even many instructors, neglect fundamentals, which is what most beginners, intermediate, and even advanced players need. Even professional golfers need periodic brush-up on their fundamentals, right? Problem is, most people look for the quick fix or want to jump to solo playing rather than work on fundamentals that will really make them solid.

Dean N. 


I have noticed increased ability to play in-tune and less effort in playing the lowest notes; i.e., low C#, C, B, Bb.

Especially helpful to those who wish to become better players on their own without taking expensive private lessons. Good value for the price!

Frank Valentine


Always appreciate your insights Donna Schwartz–you have the ability to break things down and explain the “do this” and-“do not-do-this” in a very easy to understand way.

Michael Bishop



Well, my progress in tone has begun to be noticeable up to the point it surprised me some days ago. Not only the lowest notes B and Bb flow easily down scales, but also breath and tongue-attacked. I can start a chromatic upscale from Bb way easier than before.

I feel I can control embouchure, oral cavity and throat muscles much better than, say, 2-3 months ago (been playing since mid-2015 and never had such a leap forward in tone).

Definitely this course is taking me in the correct path on my learning curve… way better than investing in a new mouthpiece…

Marcelo Soto-Quiroga


Well-known saxophonist, teacher, and owner of SaxGourmet products, Steve Goodson, has this to say about my Get a Killer Saxophone Tone course…

The internet is full of wannabe’s posing as saxophone teachers……Donna Schwartz is NOT one of them!…..she totally gets it about the importance of having your body interact with your saxophone until they “become one”…..her concepts of breathing, oral cavity shape, tonguing, and the mental aspects of playing are nothing short of brilliant……

Her course, Get a Killer Saxophone Tone, will absolutely benefit any saxophone player at any level, from beginner to seasoned professional…..I learn something new every time I watch it, and I watch it regularly! It is required viewing for all of my private students and has my very highest possible blessing and endorsement. Instead of showing you endless pentatonic patterns, Donna actually teaches you how to sound good…..isn’t that the point?


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