Want to ace that performance? Here’s how…

The young teenage boy walks into the room, shabbily dressed, head down. He hands the adjudicator a crumpled version of his solo and playing permit. How do you think this performance went?

A high school trumpeter walks in, big smile on his face, wearing a clean, pressed suit. Confidence is exuding from him. How do you think he performed?

An elementary school girl rushes into the room; she was scheduled to perform a half hour ago but the adjudicator was able to fit her in now. She's beautifully dressed but looks terrified. How well do you think she did?

As a performer, you want to ace every performance & Nail that Audition

Everyone knows a positive performance experience is motivating.

How can you battle nerves and stage fright?

How can you possibly know what's expected at a Solo Festival or big Audition if you've never done one before?

 Be More Prepared to Perform Better When It Matters Most

The following articles can help you prepare for these important performances. All the information comes from years and years of experience adjudicating NYSSMA solo festivals and teaching public and private students at all levels of performance.

Preparing for Solo Festivals? Tips for Teachers, Parents and Students

Thousands of young musicians prepare to perform scales (from memory), solos and sight-reading for adjudicators (judges) across every state. For some students, this event brings much trepidation, fear or performance anxiety, and for others, pure excitement. In this article, learn 6 tips that can bring out a better performance.

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What is a Solo Festival Judge Looking For?

Many people watch shows like The Voice or American Idol, and know what a good performance entails.

Instilling the idea that a performance involves many factors and is not just hitting the notes and getting the rhythms correct will help change musicians’ perspectives and boost their confidence.

In this article, learn what an adjudicator is really looking for, and help feel more prepared to ace your performance.

Performance: The Solo Festival

The whole point of the solo festival experience is performing music and having fun!

We play music to feel certain emotions and make the listener feel those emotions too, but you need to have fun performing.

The energy emitted from a performer who is enjoying him or herself is infectious.

In this guest article for SBO Magazine, you can learn how to be motivated and mentally prepared.


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