If you want to improve your solos, finding and connecting the target notes will make them flow more smoothly.

What are target notes?

These are notes that provide smooth, stepwise connections between the chords.

Sometimes, connecting target notes can be referred to as voice leading. This is especially true when connecting the 3rd's and 7th's of each chord.

Why the 3rd's and 7th's?

3rd's define the chord quality and 7th's define the chord function. (I explain this more in the videos listed in the Resources section below.)

In Jazz, one of the main chord changes are iim7 – V7. This is the best chord sequence for connecting 3rd's to 7th's.

But not all chord changes consist of this progression. So you have to find other target notes to connect.

You also don't always have to connect 3rd's to 7th's and vice versa. Sometimes the smoother connection can be from the 6th to the 5th.

One important tip!

Don't always connect to the root of each chord. The bass takes care of the roots and your solos will not flow because most root motion is not smooth (meaning, stepwise).

In the following video lesson on how to find target notes to improve your solos, I use Dexter Gordon's, Cheesecake, to help you find target notes to improve your solos.

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