So many musicians think that improvisation is a big secret…a mystery that only a select few know how to do.

But if you think of improvising as carrying on a conversation,  you can create your own solos…just using the language you already know.

One of the time-tested resources for decades has been the Jamey Aebersold series of books. In particular, Volume 1, How to Improvise (Amazon affiliate link).

This particular volume is a wealth of information on how to improvise, covering theory, constructing chords and scales, licks for Track 1, and Jamey's demo solo for Track 1.

How to Use Volume 1

Because this book is filled with so much information, many aspiring improvisers get overwhelmed very quickly.

So they try to play along with Track 1, only to realize that they run out of ideas too quickly, or they lose their spot in the form because there are so few chords.

Next, they go to one of the Blues tracks, and start using one of the Pentatonic scales listed.

The same result happens…they get lost in the form because they are not paying attention to when the chords change. The track speed is also too fast to follow.

In my video lesson, I outline the order of tracks I would recommend to follow, how to approach each track, tips for playing the Blues tracks and more.

Just click the video below to access the lesson.

How to Play Jamey Aebersold Volume 1


What questions do you have about playing Volume 1?

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