How to Practice to Get Better Results

Every musician, at some point in their musical career, has struggled with how to practice to get better results.

If we were lucky enough as beginning musicians to have had a good teacher, we would have learned to follow a system that helped us learn, developed our muscles and embouchres and kept us motivated.

For many of us, that ideal scenario didn't happen.

For those of us that were lucky, we still hit a point in our performing where we have to problem-solve a technical or embouchre problem, get prepared for an upcoming audition, or learn a whole bunch of pieces or tunes in a very short amount of time. This leads to a total change in our practicing habits.

How to Practice-Better Results

These series of articles address specific ways to maximize your practicing, set goals, document your progress and more.

How to Practice for Better Results

What to practice

Don't know what to practice?

Need to know what to practice to improve your overall playing?

The Ultimate Practice Planner; the “What” of How to Practice is the article to read.

In this article, you will see why it's important to plan ahead, and why the Ultimate Practice Planner can guide each area of your practice and help you remember what you worked on.

Looking for the best way to document your practice? Download the Ultimate Practice Planner here:


Download the Ultimate Practice Planner here



Setting Goals

Still playing the same songs, the same way?

Has your range and tone quality not improved in a while?

What do you want to sound like & perform 6 months from now?

Goal setting is not always the most fun task to complete, but when you do it right, you can achieve massive results.

Here are some articles to set up an effective practice plan and to make practice fun.

How to Practice

Never have enough time to practice?

Wondering why you are stuck in a rut?

Maximize Your Practice Time Using the Rule of 10's will answer these questions and help you be more efficient in the practice room. No more aimless noodling, just following a system that keeps you motivated and gets results!


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Practice Motivation

Are you bored with the music you are practicing?

Do you feel like you have to bribe your child?



Stay tuned for an exciting new course that will help you Practice Smarter; Have fun learning your favorite songs faster.  

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