Do you try to use licks in solos, but your mind goes blank when it's your time to perform?

Or maybe you're not exactly sure what to play during a section of a tune, so you try to force a lick into that spot but it doesn't quite work out?

 A common belief is that solos consist of a series of really cool licks – memorized licks that are put into solos.

That actually isn't the case…most of the time.

Sometimes, musicians do use memorized licks, but not in ways that you think.

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, you will discover the common mistakes to avoid when trying to perform memorized licks.

In the second video, you will get a quick and simple 5-step system for using licks you have memorized so that the lick sounds authentic.

Part 1 – The Mistakes to Avoid

How to Use Licks in Solos in 5 Simple Steps, Part 2 

Using memorized licks in your solos is not a bad idea – in fact many of the masters have “quoted” others in their solos.

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Licks/patterns are part of the jazz language and need to be learned and used in your own solos so you can sound more authentic.

But your solo cannot consist entirely of patterns. You will lose your audience's interest and your solo will sound contrived.

You especially don't want to always start your solo with a lick.

Watch these videos for tips on How to Start Your Solo for fresh ideas.


What questions do you have about using licks in your solos?

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