Many students' musical lives were transformed from my Proven 3-Step Improvisation System that is featured in my Improvisation Made Easy Masterclass.

Mucio Aquino

“As I challenged myself and faced my fears and ghosts, just going through the course, following the easy step-by-step instructions, getting motivated all the time and not getting overwhelmed at all…just worked wonders.

This is a course for everyone, whether you are in basics, intermediate, even if you’re advanced musicians aspiring for growth.    

In 2-3 months of schooling with Donna, I have connected deeply to my passion with music, and am really looking forward to continuing on that path.”

Dianne Douglas

Dianne just finished taking my Improvisation Made Easy Masterclass.

This is her at one of our Weekly Office Hours sessions, after only 6 weeks…


Rudy Detgen

After using the system from my Improvisation Made Easy Masterclass, Rudy's confidence soared, and he is constantly soloing in his new band.


Mary Beth Ryan Mastropaolo

Mary Beth is a professional musician, having performed with legendary artists Billy Vera, Gary U.S. Bonds, Bobby Wilson, Jay Siegel, Bobby Rydell and many others.

Mary Beth Ryan with Bobby Wilson


Mary Beth performing with Billy Vera…

Frank Zona


Erik Hayes

Erik has been using my 3-step improvisation system and shared this during one of our sessions


Eugene Hickey shared this after taking the course:

“I was never comfortable improvising. In the big bands, sometimes the leader would call a solo unexpectedly, or it would be written in. If there was a written solo, I would try to read it, which never worked out well. If there wasn’t, sometimes there wouldn’t even be chord symbols, so I would flub & make my way through it, but I was never all happy with that.

Over the years, I would have teachers where I would spend time memorizing phrases and working them through 12 keys. Usually when I tried to put them through a solo, they didn’t fit, or I forgot them. Or I came up with some version of them that wasn’t particularly musical.

In this course, the process for teaching was different than anything I’ve ever had before.

One of the cornerstones is that Donna’s method breaks things down into very doable increments so each lesson has its own challenge. These steps were building blocks, and as the course went on, I could see how it all fit together. 

I encountered all the usual roadblocks I had in the past when I tried to learn about improvisation, but Donna’s method and style was to acknowledge that and work through it.

The course feels like it is individualized for what the student needs.

There’s lots of feedback and support. Donna is a great teacher…very supportive. 

You come out feeling a lot more confident and competent.”

Lisa Borg said this…


John O'Brien shared this after the course:

Don Brown said this after the course:


Adam Chan, a former student who studied my 3-step Improvisation System said this:


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