Killer Saxophone Tone; Case studies and testimonials Page 2

Everyone wants to sound great on their instrument…whether it's to impress friends, loved ones or just yourself, a great tone can do wonders for your confidence and performance.

Hear how some more folks lives have changed after studying the concepts and exercises from my Get a Killer Saxophone Tone course…


I work in data protection and have an engineering background and just started playing tenor saxophone 4 years ago at the age of 46. I couldn’t read a note of music or play anything in the beginning. All I knew is I liked music and the saxophone.

I initially had some reservations about the cost, whether the course would be effective, and also the time difference between Europe and the U.S.

What appealed to me was Donna’s way of teaching. In the academy where I am studying saxophone, the teachers are only focusing on reading notes and rhythms and playing them correctly – they did not focus on getting a good sound.

Koen V testimonialYou are paying for the experience and quality of the teacher, and Donna has tons of education and experience to help you with a lot of problems.

You can follow YT videos for 50 hours a week and not get any better. With this course, you get exercises and feedback from Donna. Honestly, the only way to get better is to practice and try things, and that is what Donna is doing in the course.

I was able to follow the weekly Live Office Hours even though I live in Europe. And you get live feedback from Donna. But the sessions were recorded if I couldn’t attend. And if you were not feeling good playing something live, you could send recordings to Donna for feedback. And she responds personally.

If you’re stuck with something with your tone, there are 2 solutions – keep it as it is or do something.

Through the internet, you can get access to people like Donna, with her experience, which is amazing.

And a huge benefit is that you can still access the course a year later or more to get that killer saxophone tone.

I may not read the best, but my tone is that killer tone I’ve wanted. The course helped me get where I needed to be. 

I’m playing in several bands with all types of music – one is with my 15 year-old son. We play music we like and we have fun. I also perform with a jazz guitar player, and in bands at the academy.

Koen Vandermarliere, Belgium