If you're looking for a durable, reliable and portable microphone stand with a boom arm, you need to check out the new Peak Music Stands ESM 52 Elite Microphone Stand.

Musicians who perform with wired microphones (meaning that you need to use a cable to plug your microphone into the PA system) have been stuck with microphone stands that are extremely heavy and take up too much space, both on stage and when traveling from gig to gig.

The new PEAK ESM 52 Elite Microphone Stand can fit in tight spaces because it has a 25 inch base, which is smaller than most other mic stands.

Another great feature is that the PEAK ESM 52 Elite Microphone Stand is in 1 piece, meaning the boom arm is attached, so you don't have to worry about carrying and losing separate pieces.


Check out my Video Review below:


**SPECIAL OFFER – If you purchase this stand by 8/31/2023, you get a free E-Device Holder with the ESM-52 stand purchase


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  2. More info on the ESM 52, plus how to purchase HERE. Be sure to use my DSMUSIC code upon checkout for 10% off.