Three Tips for a Successful Rehearsal

Are you rehearsing or practicing?
There's a huge difference between the two, and that's what separates the pros from the amateurs.

Watch the video below to discover that difference and for tips to make your next rehearsal a success.

Three tips for a successful rehearsal

3 Tips for a Successful Rehearsal

  1. Get the recordings beforehnad
  2. Get the correct key of the songs before rehearsal
  3. Do your homework BEFORE the rehearsal. Chart your part and know the forms.

Bonus tips

This first tip is for band members, but especially for the band leaders.

It's all about the beginnings and endings – plan these out before rehearsal and make sure these are tight before rehearsal ends.

You don't want confusion about these – the audience will know it.

This last tip will help you figure out the chords for cover songs you are rehearsing.

You can use sites that many rhythm section players use, like these:

  1. You can transpose the chords to match the key your band is performing in.
  2.  Has been around for a long time – has lyrics, chords, strumming patterns and can transpose too.

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  1. Warrick Wilson says has software I’ve used to help figure out chords for tunes. is another site that can help in that regard.

  2. Charles Hines Jr. says

    Donna, what advice/tips/suggestions/recommendations/strategies can you give me about practicing chord progressions on Trumpet? I am having challenges soloing over chords to jazz standards…. what should do to improve in this area of my performing and studying Jazz?

    • Hi Charles, I actually teach an entire course on how to do practice chord progressions on any wind instrument.
      It’s called Jazz Improvisation Explained, and I will be opening up enrollment in a month or two.
      Keep checking my weekly subscriber newsletters for an announcement about that.

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