This blog post is all about the newest saxophone ligature from Rovner Products, the Rovner LGX Saxophone Ligature!

Do you play in marching bands, and no matter what you do, you can't project your sound?

Do you play in cover bands, with guitars, keyboards and bass, and are constantly drowned out by these amplified instruments?

If so, you are not alone…

Many saxophone players experience these same problems.

And what happens is you tend to overblow, lose your embouchure setting, bite through your bottom lip just to try to hear yourself over the noise of the other instruments.

And the sound tech at your gigs isn't very helpful either…

Aside from changing your equipment to a very bright setup, there wasn't much you could do, until now!

The new Rovner Products LGX Saxophone Ligature is designed to give you power, without sacrificing your sound. 

The new LGX ligature has characteristics of the Rovner Versa and the Rovner Van Gogh

Designed for those who perform in Marching bands (music educators – pay attention!), as well as those who play Rock, Blues, Jazz, and are competing with amplified instruments.

Watch my video review below for more information and a demo:



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