A good quality saxophone neck strap is not only important for maintaining good posture, but also for preventing neck, shoulder and back pain.

I've reviewed some neck straps in the past, but the ones I review here are one I would wholeheartedly recommend for a person of any age, any size and any ability.

(Side note – I am not endorsed by any of these companies – I am recommending based upon my and my peers' experience with these straps)


There is a new saxophone strap called HOOKi. It is a great alternative to help get the weight of the saxophone off your neck.

For more info and to ask questions: www.hooki.de.com (Ask for Markus)

Links to buy these saxophone neck straps

Vandoren FNH 100 Harness

JazzLab SaxHolder

Balam Classic and Premium by Jack Finucane 


How to adjust the Balam Neck Strap