How many times has someone said to you, practice your saxophone overtones?

So you go to attempt to play them, but immediately get stuck.

Certain pitches come out great but others are impossible.

And then you start wondering why you are practicing them in the first place, other than you were told to do so.

Playing saxophone overtones correctly will fill up your tone, strengthen your embouchure and expand your range, but only if done correctly.

In the following two video lessons, you will discover:

  • why overtone practice is extremely important for saxophone players
  • what NOT to do when attempting overtones
  • why certain pitches are really hard to play and how to get past those trouble spots 
  • at what stage should you be starting overtone practice
  • the #1 resource every saxophone player must have
  • and answers to some common questions from saxophone players like you!

Saxophone Overtones, Part 1

In this lesson, you will find out how to get past those trouble spots using Donna's system for practicing.


Saxophone Overtones, Part 2

In this lesson, Donna answers subscriber questions about why we practice overtones and she gives more tips for playing them correctly.


Resource: Sigard Rascher's Top Tones book

What was one point that really helped you play overtones more consistently? Let me know in the Comments below…

(If you are still struggling, let me know in the Comments also)


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