Boost Your Saxophone Technique With This Saxophone Practice Routine

If you're stuck in a rut with your saxophone practice routine, and are feeling like you need to boost your saxophone technique, there is a popular routine that has helped many saxophone players get a better understanding of their scales and chords.

It has also helped many musicians (all instrumentalists can use this routine) develop more vocabulary to use for jazz improvisation.

This saxophone practice routine was shared by Rob Hardt, a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, in a forum discussion on the popular forum site, Sax on the Web.

This forum has an amazing amount of information about everything saxophone; from equipment, to practicing, to beginners, to improvisation, to learning songs, to advanced techniques, overtones, tone, you name it!

(Please keep in mind, you need to join the Sax on the Web Forum to get access.)

Saxophone Practice Routine

In this video lesson, you will get some tips on how to approach a popular saxophone practice routine that will boost your saxophone technique and understanding of scales and chords.

You can search the Sax on the Web Forum for the thread with the pdf link or CLICK HERE to download it.

I go over all the exercises for you, so take some notes and have your saxophone ready.




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