Personalized NYSSMA Video Instruction Package

NYSSMA's only a few weeks away and your child is struggling to get through their trumpet or saxophone solo.

This isn't Math or English where you can help them out.

You've looked all over YouTube and can't find a video to help ease your child's panic and frustration.

You can't afford a private teacher, and the teacher in school doesn't play trumpet or saxophone.


Personalized NYSSMA Video Instruction Package

Donna Schwartz Music

With over 27 years of teaching and performing experience on Trumpet and Saxophones, and over 15 years of judging NYSSMA Festivals, I can help your child improve their performance during their NYSSMA evaluation.

Many of my students have done so well that they have been accepted into All County and All State groups.

Now I would like to help you!

For only $97, I will create a Personalized Video Lesson and pdf's of Key Issues and Performance Points. You will also get a special bonus video: What Are the Judges Really Looking For?

Sound good? Here's how to get your Personalized Package:

  1. Fill out the Contact Form below as completely as possible.
  2. I will send a request to your email address for payment via PayPal. (That's the only method of payment I can accept.)
  3. As soon as I receive payment, within 1 week (7 days), I will create the Personalized Package for you, and send the Private Video Links and pdf's to your best email.

Normally, I charge $100/hour for lessons. All the guidance and advice I am giving you would take a few lessons: that's hundreds of dollars.

For a fraction of the price, you are getting a personalized video, plus personalized tips and suggestions, and my special bonus video, What are the Judges Really Looking For?

Don't wait any longer. Help ease your child's mind now and complete the form today!

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Personalized NYSSMA Video Instruction Package

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