Articulation For Beginner Saxes and Clarinets

In this video, I demonstrate the process for learning how to articulate separated and connected styles of articulation on Woodwind mouthpieces.

Articulation can be challenging for beginner woodwind players. It's a weird feeling and unusual concept.

But it's really important that students understand and work on articulation. Avoiding it will make performing much harder.

Articulation for Beginner Saxes and Clarinets

Follow this video to learn how to articulate properly and quickly.


Key Points:

Imitate what's natural.

Use the syllable “tEE” (less emphasis on the “t” to make your tongue lighter in your mouth)

Tip of tongue (or front) to tip of reed.

Make sure your tongue lightly touches the reed and gets away quickly. People squeak because their tongue stays too close to the reed and gets in the way of the airstream.

Use air sounds to practice articulation and fingerings for any new music before trying to play.