Basic Saxophone Maintenance for Teachers and Performers

Sometimes, we are so eager to play the saxophone, we forget that it requires basic saxophone maintenance in order to keep the pads clean, and the keys working fluidly.

Learning to play an instrument requires also learning to maintain it in the best shape possible so that nothing can get in the way of acquiring a great tone and technique.

In the following video, you will learn some basic saxophone maintenance, such as:

  • how to use a swab to clean out your instrument and neck
  • how to clean your mouthpiece
  • how to store your reeds
  • how to store your mouthpiece and neck
  • what to do if you have calcium deposits in the mouthpiece
  • why you shouldn't eat before you play

Some of the products recommended:

Basic Saxophone Maintenance

**Please note**

Since the taping of the above video lesson, I have changed my recommendations for saxophone and clarinet swabs, and have added some care & maintenance products to keep your saxophone clean and germ free.

Watch the video below for an update:



Anfree swabs – These are terrific swabs that clean the bore of your instrument and your neck on one pass!.

Special Discount for April 2020: Go to THIS LINK and use the Code DSMUSICSAX to get 10% off the saxophone neck and body swab combination. 

During April 2020, you get 15% off orders for PeakMusicStands and other Anfree products when you use the DSMUSIC code. 

KeyLeaves – props, Gap Cap, Vent Vine and Spit Sponge 

Woodwind mouthpiece brush

Sterisol spray

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