Proper Way to Oil Valves On a Trumpet, Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba

How to Oil Valves on a Trumpet

In this video, I demonstrate the proper way to oil valves on a trumpet. This can also apply to Baritones, Euphoniums and Tubas.

I use simple and inexpensive tools you can get anywhere.


What is the Best Valve Oil to Use?

In the following video, I give a recommendation for what I feel is the BEST valve oil for trumpet.

I've had the same bottle of valve oil for over 8 years!


For more information, check out the following document:

PDF_iconProper Way to Oil Valves




  1. BiNak Pro: http://www.binak.com/
  2. International trumpet Guild (Great organization for all trumpet players to join): https://www.trumpetguild.org/