How to Do Vibrato

Vibrato is what makes a musician or singer sound unique and special. Yet many musicians do not know how to properly perform this skill on their instrument.
Vibrato is basically rapid vibrations in the pitch to make the tone sound richer, more colorful and fuller.
Each genre of music and time period of music has a distinct vibrato associated with it. Think of Louis Armstrong's tone, or Kirk Whalum's tone, or Jessye Norman's voice, or Maurice Andre's tone, or Harvey Pittel's tone. You get the point.
You don't want to add vibrato to everything either. Your best teacher is your ears; listen to your favorite musicians and singers and be very observant about how they use vibrato and what genre and time period of music they are performing.
This video shows you one simple tip to get you started with learning vibrato.
You can watch the video lesson by clicking on the picture below…

I have watched many vibrato videos but this was the only one that seemed to fully explain the mechanics of vibrato and how it should be practiced and executed. Thank you so much!!!
Matthew Casey

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