When the Saints

Everyone wants to play When the Saints Go Marching In. It's a really fun song and if you know the melody, bass line and chords, you can create some great improvised solos.

In this Video Lesson, you will learn the song really well by first hearing it in your head, singing it, then learning how to play it.

When the Saints Video Lesson

Here's the Video:



Performance Notes for When the Saints:

  1. This song uses 5 different pitches: Do, Re, Mi, Fa and So.
  2. I performed this song in Concert Eb – that means:
    • Flute, Oboe, Trombone, Tuba: Eb=Do, F=Re, G=Mi, Ab=Fa and Bb=So
    • Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Sax: F=Do, G=Re, A=Mi, Bb=Fa and C=So
    • French Horn: Bb=Do, C=Re, D=Mi, Eb=Fa and F=So
    • Alto Sax: C=Do, D=Re, E=Mi, F=Fa and G=So
  3. First move to the big beats of the tune, then tap the small beats in your lap.
  4. Hear the Resting Tone (Do) throughout the tune.
  5. There are 4 phrases. Listen for the parts of phrases that repeat.
  6. Identify the starting and ending notes of the tune, then identify the starting and ending notes of each phrase.
  7. Don't song with me on the video, just listen, and sing the song after you've heard it a lot.
  8. Don't attempt to play the song until you can hear it in your head and sing it on your own.
  9. I demonstrate the tune in a jazz style. Here's a video to help you build your jazz articulation by playing scales.
  10. After you learn the first 2 phrases, combine them, then start the third phrase. Keep combining phrases until you can play the entire song.
  11. BTW, I used iRealPro for the backing tracks. This is a great practice resource, and it has When the Saints in its library. You can change the key and tempo too.

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