Lessons with Donna started with a goal-setting process that kept me on track to reach my own goals.

Donna shared the knowledge she has gained from her vast experience in performance, from her many podcast interviews, and from her own education to guide me toward my goals.

Donna assisted me in ways that were not only geared toward improving my playing in general, but also in selecting the right equipment and using technology to boost my practice and effectiveness as an improviser.

With Donna’s direction, I grew both as a musician and as a consumer of music in today’s world.

Donna’s step-by-step Improvisation System made it much less intimidating to approach a new tune and made me believe that I could accomplish my goal of being able to play melodically in different styles and over many different chord progressions.

Donna was not only my teacher, she was my cheerleader! Whenever I was feeling a bit low about my playing, she would know just what to say to build my confidence and get me motivated again.

My tone quality and intonation both improved a ton with Donna’s expert listening and subsequent exercise “prescriptions”.

Without fail, Donna would set aside plans that she had for my lessons in order to explore answers to questions I had that day or even in the moment.

In my lessons with Donna, I was able to deepen my knowledge of tunes I already thought I knew, and also take her suggestions to learn ones that I had never heard of before. Sometimes those new tunes became my new favorites!

I learned so much about stage presence and the “inner game” of music from Donna. I was able to apply my new knowledge in ways that improved my ability to perform in public successfully.

Donna, thank you for everything you have done for me personally and as a musician.