“I was originally concerned about being an older player in a community band that I wouldn't be the kind of client she would be interested in. I'm glad I was wrong! I found Donna to be professional, friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in helping me to improve. I was playing Alto in a community concert band and had recently switched back to tenor for a jazz ensemble. I wasn't pleased with my tone and I needed to play a lot louder. A fellow saxophone player sent me a link to Donna's site. I tried some of the tips mentioned about lip position & practicing exercises. I did noticed a difference. I had a video session with Donna and I was surprised to find out the impact of reeds & mouthpieces could have on my tone. I have since changed my reed choice and tried different mouthpieces. My volume and tone has noticeably improved in just 2 weeks! I am now working on my improvisation so I will be consulting with Donna in the near future to get some more tips. I really liked that she sent me a link for our session and summary so I could review some of the suggestions she made. I have since recommended her to several people in my band and in our local high school.I'm very glad that I contacted her.”

Debbie Lindahl