Donna is a very enthusiastic teacher. Even before she scheduled the 1st lesson, she asked about my background in playing sax and what my goals are (which is sight reading and improvisation). She immediately recommended a couple of books. The next day she came for the 1st lesson, I was prepared and she came prepared. I am self-taught in playing sax. She is my first private tutor. She gave me tips on warming up, improving my tone, pitch exercises and getting the right rhythm on a jazz song. She brought her sax also and played side by side as she tutored me. She gave me homework for my next weeks lesson. She knows exactly what I need. I am so motivated to play more. She even stayed longer than one hour just to make sure I get my questions answered. I'm telling you she's the best. School starts next week, I can't wait to tell my classmates about her. I'll be in 10th grade. You have nothing to lose. In fact, I've already learned more in 1 hour than what I learned in 1 month at school.

Lorenzo B., 10th grade student at Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts