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Other services and products at Donna Schwartz Music:

  1. Could your students benefit from studying with a private teacher who has over 27 years of teaching experience and has produced hundreds of successful students? I also have a Social Work Degree, which has helped me relate to students to help them work through their challenges and enjoy performing music. Pass this link on to those students' parents who want a teacher that gets results, not tears: Private Music Lessons with Donna Schwartz Music  Students get a FREE 30 minute consultation lesson!
  2. Do your students have a really important audition coming up? People use SAT tutors to improve test scores, why not use an audition coach to better their chances of succeeding? With over 15 years of judging experience, I can help your students improve their performance and increase their chances of getting into the college of their dreams, studying at the summer music camp they want, obtain the scholarship they need to pay for school or even get accepted into an elite ensemble, which looks really great on their college applications. Pass this link on to your students' parents for a FREE 20 minute Coaching consultation: Audition Coaching
  3. If you live in New York and either go to or send students to NYSSMA, this product can help your students feel more prepared, more informed and more confident in their performance: NYSSMA De-Mystified; Everything You Need to Know to Nail That Audition! With over 60 minutes of videos and tons of information, your students, and their parents, will learn how to prepare (musically and emotionally) for their performance, get inside the mind of a NYSSMA adjudicator and know what he/she is really looking for, know how to prepare for a JAZZ NYSSMA performance, learn techniques to deal with stage fright, get insight from students who have been very successful at NYSSMA and much more. Click here or on the picture for the link, and please share this with your students and their parents!

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