If you're tired of your clarinet, saxophone, oboe or bassoon reeds dying out on you after only a couple of weeks, you need to listen to my recent interview with John Mackey from Reedjuvinate.

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What is Reedjuvinate?



Reedjuvinate is a reed storage system that is cleverly designed to allow your woodwind reeds to last a long time AND prevent them from being infested with germs and mold.

John Mackey is a MD and biomedical researcher, a passionate jazz musician, and lead alto sax player in the River City Big Band in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
He was getting tired of spending so much money on reeds. Synthetic reeds didn't work as well for him. He got frustrated enough to do research to find a solution that would make reeds last longer.

He created Reedjuvinate around 3 years ago to help Saxophone and Clarinet players have “Plug and Play,” instantly-playable reeds.

These reeds would last longer because they weren't subjected to the taxing wet-dry cycle that physically breaks down cane reeds.

When he was first designing and researching to create the product, he used pure, re-agent grade ethanol. It helped keep the reeds hydrated and germ-free. But John wanted a way for kids to use the product safely, so he did more research and found that Original Listerine did the job just as well due to its own 30% ethanol content.

(If you want to know what happens when you don't take care of your reeds, you MUST read this article and share with your students.)

Reedjuvinate is a cylindrical container that can hold 3 Alto, Tenor Saxophone reeds (and even more Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone reeds).

Clarinet and Soprano Sax musicians can store up to 6 reeds.

Clarinet and Soprano Sax musicians can store up to 6 reeds.

There's an antibiotic-free, cellulose sponge inside the container that controls the humidity.

You simply soak the sponge with Original Listerine (yellow color) and place your reeds in the holder. Once a month, you soak the sponge again in fresh Original Listerine.

If you want more humidity, you can either keep the sponge very saturated with Listerine, or keep a small amount of liquid in the container (that's what I do).

If you want less humidity, after soaking the sponge, squeeze it out a little.

Every month, I empty the Reedjuvinate container, rinse it out and add fresh Original Listerine.

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Why Original Listerine and not the other flavors?

***Note – you MUST use Original Listerine (or any generic mouthwash that has alcohol and no sugars). Reedjuvinate will not work if you use Listerine Zero (no alcohol) or even any of the other flavors.

Original Listerine does not have sugars or sorbitol in it. Bacteria feeds on sorbitol; you are defeating the purpose of killing germs on the reeds if you use a Listerine or mouthwash product with sorbitol and/or no alcohol/ethanol.

Why is Reedjuvinate better than the usual ways to store my woodwind reeds?

  1. Reedjuvinate is its own humidifying system for reeds. You can control the amount of humidity by how much you soak the sponge.
  2. It makes cane reeds instantly playable, in a sense making them as convenient as synthetic reeds. This wastes less rehearsal and practice time.
  3. Some people, especially younger beginners, don't take good care of their reeds and don't change them often enough. This gives a prime opportunity for bacteria and mold to form. ReedJuvinate helps keep reeds germ-free.
  4. Key point – reeds stored in Reedjuvinate last longer, therefore, you don't have to spend so much money on reeds every couple of months.
  5. There's an internal magnet in the container that allows the performer to attach it to a music or microphone stand during rehearsals and performances.

How can Reedjuvinate benefit Music Teachers and Band Directors?

Music teachers in school programs can save money purchasing reeds by purchasing Reedjuvinate in bulk for their programs. If the Director has a budget for reeds, part of that money can go towards the Reedjuvinate containers and reed purchases can decline dramatically over the years as the students' reeds last much longer.

The students get their own container to use throughout their school years and return it when they leave school.

Since the product can last forever, one bulk purchase can last many, many years.

What about Bassoon and Oboe woodwind reeds?

Four months ago, John designed a product just for you. It's called Double Reedjuvinate, and it uses a brush system to keep the reeds hydrated and protected.

Double ReedJuvinate for Oboists and Bassoonists

Double ReedJuvinate for Oboists and Bassoonists


If you are a music teacher ordering supplies for next year's budget, this can save you tons of money. If you are a performer wanting to make your reeds last longer and be germ-free, this is the product for you.

Click here to learn more about Reedjuvinate and to purchase your own product.

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